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Michele Bachmann accepts $46,000 from the "Most Corrupt Members of Congress"

Michele Bachmann likes to talk tough about holding government accountable and "changing the culture" in Washington. The announcement of her campaign for Congress touts her "Reform Platform for Change in Congress," and her "Issues" page states,

I will work tirelessly to put hard earned money back in taxpayers' pockets - where it belongs - not in the hands of Washington bureaucrats.

If Michele Bachmann is so dedicated to change in Washington, why, one might ask, has she received so much money from the central figures of the Washington "culture of corruption?"

On September 20th, Citizens Responsible for Ethics in Washington, a non-partisan ethics watchdog group released its 2006 list of the most corrupt members of Congress. The list

documents the egregious, unethical and possibly illegal activities of the most tainted members of Congress. CREW has compiled the members’ transgressions and analyzed them in light of federal laws and congressional rules.

It seems that Michele Bachmann has taken a whopping $46,000 in campaign contributions directly from these most corrupt members of Congress, either from their re-election campaign warchests or from "leadership PACs" established in their names.

Michele Bachmann has accepted money from the following members of this hall of shame:

Ken Calvert EUREKA PAC $1,000.00 Dennis Hastert * $2,000.00 Dennis Hastert Keep Our Majority PAC $10,000.00 Tom Feeney House Conservatives Fund $5,000.00 Tom Feeney Together Our Majority PAC $10,000.00 Tom Feeney * $1,000.00 Pete Sessions PETE PAC $10,000.00 Roy Blunt Rely on Your Beliefs Fund $5,000.00 Richard Pombo RICH PAC $2,000.00

The grand total of this haul? A whopping $46,000.

In all, Michele Bachmann has taken $152,000 in contributions from current members of Congress.

The CREW website states that

An August 2006 Harris poll shows that 77% of Americans have a negative view of Congress and a May 2006 Gallup poll indicates that 83% of Americans consider corruption a serious issue.

Michele Bachmann should explain why she has accepted contributions from these key players in the Washington culture of corruption, and what she intends to do to separate herself from this culture of corruption.

Can Michele Bachmann be trusted to carry out the people's business in Congress? Or will she owe favors to those who paid for her election and be sucked into the web of corruption in Washington?

Please see my Excel spreadsheet detailing Bachmann's campaign contributions from members of Congress.

I'll be back with more on each of these corrupt donors and their connections to candidate Bachmann.