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Michele Bachmann: scientist, doctor, and lawyer!

Michele Bachmann has gotten some unwanted national exposure the last couple of days on YouTube.

In this video (linked to by Daily Kos and Wonkette at least, and probably others), Michele Bachmann denies the existence of global warming and says we need to "look at the science."

Gee, those scientists have sure dropped the ball on this one! Wonder what they've been doing for the past few decades? Why haven't they been looking at the science, trying to reach a scientific consensus?

In a video from last night's debate in Stillwater, Bachmann says she would have voted to "protect the life of Terri Schiavo," and claims that Schiavo was "healthy" and "not terminally ill."

Thanks, Dr. Bachmann! Good to see you've been consulting with fellow doctor Bill Frist and his amazing video diagnosis techniques.

Thanks to reader Lisa for the tip.

Warning: There are some nasty comments and personal attacks on Bachmann in these threads, which I do not condone. I do like this comment, from "astron1000":

Bachman[n] is really a victim of muddied thinking. Listen very carefully! Her comments subtley [sic] cast doubt on science in general, implying that science first thinks one way, then another. Her brand of conservatism assumes that truth is universal and unchanging. Her touchstone is the [B]ible, which she argues is the ultimate truth and is unchanging. She's one of many, many conservatives in this country who are maliciously undermining rational and skeptical thought.


I call Bachmann a throwback and see her as wanting to undo the Enlightenment. If the founders of the nation stood for anything it was Enlightenment thought and with a view to the religious wars that plagued Europe much like Sunni and Shiite in Iraq now.

Here are two of Eva Young's items about Bachmann - what she's said, what others say of her, and everyone should read these.



The Bachmann quotes are even more damning than the comments about her, and here's one about her people should consider; from Jim Bernstein, Commerce Commissioner under Jesse Ventura:

"She will manipulate, fabricate, restate, obfuscate, misrepresent, misquote, mistreat and use whatever tactic she thinks she might be able to get away with to make her point. Sen. Bachmann knows no ethical boundaries and has no discernible conscience except that whatever moves her agenda forward is acceptable because her agenda is "right" and everyone else is wrong."

I have not seen much to make me doubt this assessment.