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Minnesota Poll shows Wetterling with 8-point lead

The Star Tribune's Minnesota Poll continues the trend of positive polls for Patty. This race is trending her way. Results were:

Wetterling 48
Bachmann 40
Binkowski 4
Other/None 3
No opinion 5

Margin of error is 4.5%, so this race is still within the margin of error, but Patty's trend is encouraging.

The poll also shows interesting stats on favorability ratings: 56% have a positive view of Wetterling, compared to just 44% for Bachmann. The two candidates' unfavorability ratings are about the same. Only 1% of voters don't know who Patty is, while 9% still haven't heard of Michele.

To show the trend, I've put together a chart showing all the poll results to date. The data points are accompanied by a 2-period moving average to illustrate the trend. You can view it here.