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More corrupt money for Bachmann

Michele Bachmann on 9/29/2006 received a $1,000 contribution from John Doolittle's Superior California Federal Leadership PAC. Doolittle is a representative from California, and has been named one of the "most corrupt members of Congress" by CREW. His alleged misdealings:

-tied to Abramoff scandal:

In 1999, Rep. Doolittle also assisted Jack Abramoff in securing a lucrative lobbying contract with the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands, helped Mr. Abramoff stave off legislation protecting workers in the CNMI and wrote letters on behalf of some of Mr. Abramoff’s tribal casinos. In return, Rep. Doolittle, an alleged gambling foe, has received $130,000 from gambling tribes with ties to Mr. Abramoff. If Rep. Doolittle has received contributions from Mr. Abramoff in return for legislative assistance he may have violated prohibitions against bribery, honest services fraud and House rules.

-employed his wife as a fundraiser, paying her over $215,000 since 2001 to raise money for his campaign.

-connection to defense contractor Brent Wilkes and the bribery scandal surrounding Duke Cunnningham; he earmarked $37 million for one of Wilkes' companies after receiving over $100,000 in campaign contributions from Wilkes' employees, associates, and lobbyists for the company, and their families.

-Along with Richard Pombo (another big Bachmann donor and fellow "most corrupt" member with Doolittle), used his influence on the House Resources Committee to protect Houston millionaire Charles Hurwitz from an investigation by the FDIC.

In her latest filing, Bachmann also accepted another $2,000 from corrupt congressman Pete Sessions, from his campaign fund. She had already received $10,000 from his PETE PAC leadership PAC.

Sessions is also in trouble for alleged misdeeds involving defense contracts, and for his role in the Abramoff scandal helping out one of Abramoff's Indian gambling clients in exchange for campaign donations.

This brings the amount of money Bachmann has received from CREW's Most Corrupt Members of Congress to at least $49,000. I previously posted on Bachmann's ties to this corruption here. You can also access my Excel spreadsheet listing Bachmann's contributions from members of Congress (it is not yet updated for the most recent FEC filing.)

How can we trust Michele Bachmann, if elected, to hold her fellows in the House responsible for their unethical and corrupt behavior when she has depended on their dirty money to fund her campaign?