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Patty Wetterling endorsed by Star Tribune

Here is the Strib's endorsement:

Sixth District: Wetterling

Voters who have followed this race via TV commercials might think it's a classic showdown between a conservative, Republican Michele Bachmann, and a liberal, the DFL's Patty Wetterling. But voters who have taken a good, careful look will recognize that Wetterling is the real moderate here -- a compassionate but sensible voice for mainstream Minnesota values.

Bachmann has campaigned on broad strokes of low taxes and patriotic ideals. But her career in the Minnesota Senate was built on the narrowest of agendas, chiefly injecting her religious values into the public sphere. Her recent testimony to a Brooklyn Park congregation that God called her to run for Congress -- and win -- is an embarrassment, and despite her polish, she is surprisingly shallow on national issues.

Wetterling, by contrast, is a genuine centrist. She supports a balanced budget and tax cuts for the middle class; she wants the troops home from Iraq, but would ask the generals how to do it; she believes in traditional marriage, but not dragging the U.S. Constitution into the matter. When asked to cite favorite politicians, she quickly names Rep. Jim Ramstad and former Sen. David Durenberger, both respected Republicans.

Wetterling made her name as an advocate for child safety, but she has used the tragic experience of her son's abduction years ago to acquire broad policy expertise and considerable experience in Washington, and it has shown her to be an individual of uncommon courage and hope.

Independence Party candidate John Binkowski of St. Mary's Point brings a young voice to the race -- alternately funny, incisive and blunt -- but he needs to prove himself in public life before asking voters to send him to Congress.

Go Patty! Send Patty Wetterling to Congress.