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"Someone always knows"

This is from a comment left at Daily Kos. For all of you who are saying that Patty Wetterling is a "tool" of the DCCC, or worse, that she had some knowledge of Mark Foley's behavior, you ought to be ashamed of yourselves.

Patty was livid (4+ / 0-)

I co-hosted a fund raiser for Patty in MN-6 on Sun. I'd met her a couple times before. Usually to call her mild-mannered would be making her seem too excitable. However, this matter hits her to the core. She could barely talk she would get so up set about the Foley matter and mostly the cover-up.

"Some one always knows" is what she said. Hastert, et al, have known for a year or more and did nothing. She knows Foley personally, worked with him, and was peeved.