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Stay the course - part deux!

As a reminder,

Michele Bachmann, 10/5/06:

In taking editorial board questions, Bachmann explained while the reasoning behind the U.S. invasion of Iraq might be debated, America is there.

"And I do believe we need to stay the course," she said.

Now watch this great DNC ad.

Uhhhh.... Custard it is, then!



PiPress is reporting interesting things:


Bachmann with Coleman in tow, as a minder. Having to jump in and "fix" stay the course rhetoric. Pawlenty waiting in the parking lot to not lend any credibility, or gain any notoriety from overlapping Michele Bachmann in the same hall. Pat, what do you make of that?

This is PiPress calling it like it is. Mark dropping the makeover, Bachmann not left by handlers on her own. Needing Coleman there to interrupt and correct.

It looks as if they are "upset" about her overworking the zealots and Avidor making it generally public via the videos.

"The sin of pride."

Pioneer Press. There are two papers in town given that PiPress is no longer knee-jerk, but unpersuaded by the Bachmann approach to GOP politics.