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Wetterling endorsed by police, firefighters, nurses

Wetterling for Congress Press Release:

At a state Capitol press conference today, Minnesota's first responders declared their support for 6th District congressional candidate Patty Wetterling, while Wetterling proclaimed her commitment to keeping families and communities safe and fighting to give first responders the tools and resources they need.

"We trust Patty Wetterling," says Minnesota Police and Peace Officers Executive Director, Bill Gillespie. "For 17 years she's worked with law enforcement to make our communities safer. We know that as a member of Congress, she'll fight just as hard, tough, and smart to keep America safe and to strengthen our homeland security."

"We are more interested in a dialogue," said Gillespie, "and the one we've had with Patty Wetterling is more than we ever had with Sen. Bachmann."

"I'm running for Congress because we need a new direction," said Wetterling. "Current leadership in Washington, through a disastrous budget and misdirected priorities, has failed to provide first responders with the necessary resources."Wetterling said, "State and local budget crises are forcing cities to fire police, firefighters, and emergency medical personnel -- even as more of them are needed to meet the increased demands of homeland security."

If elected, Wetterling pledged to work hard to provide first responders with the funding they need for tools and training and will fight to ensure that community safety is a top priority in Washington.

Another reason to vote Democratic this year:

[Wetterling] believes all of the comprehensive recommendations of the 9-11 Commission should be enacted into law including implementation of the technology for first responders to communicate between jurisdictions and in times of emergency. Democrats, if they regain the majority in the House, have pledged to enact the bipartisan recommendations within the first 100 hours of Congress.

Who said Democrats don't have a plan? Here's a good article on the planned Democratic agenda if they take control of the House.

Why have the Republicans, with control of all branches of government, failed to enact these important pieces of legislation? They talk tough on terror, but they have utterly failed to make the substantive changes that will protect this country from terrorism. Their war in Iraq has made us less safe from terrorism; their "fight them there so we don't have to fight them here" rhetoric gets less and less believable with each reminder (Madrid, London, India) that terrorists are still determined to strike us, and the "stay the course" meme is so weak that even Bush is now abandoning it.

True to form, Michele Bachmann proved this weekend that she is more interested in fear-mongering and playing politics with terror than with keeping this nation safe. She hyped a false story about a terrorist plot against NFL stadiums, even after the story even after it had been disproven.

We need a leader in Congress who will pledge to take action to keep this country safe, rather than use empty rhetoric and fear-mongering to gain political advantage. Our nation's safety is too important to play politics with. Patty Wetterling understands this, and that's why our state's first responders have pledged their support.

Send Patty Wetterling to Congress.