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Wetterling endorsed by St. Cloud Times

So, probably the three largest papers in the Sixth have endorsed Wetterling. Will this have an impact? Who knows? I have yet to see the Bachmann campaign trumpet its endorsment by any newspaper.

The St. Cloud paper endorsed Kennedy in '04, but they've decided that Wetterling has improved substantially as a candidate.

Read the Times' endorsement here.

Anyone who criticizes Wetterling for not knowing the issues and not having well-reasoned, moderate solutions this campaign simply hasn't been paying attention.

Sure, you might disagree with her stands. And, yes, she still has room to grow. But she offers the most substance of any of the three major-party candidates.

For example, when asked about her goals for the war in Iraq, she reiterated a longtime theme of quickly withdrawing U.S. troops. But she also stressed that must be done as part of a strategic plan that counts on Iraq's religious leaders, its citizens and an international military force. She notes that this trio must work together to make sure moderate groups are at least positioned to try to lead the country once America withdraws.

The Independence Party's John Binkowski offered a similar answer but seemed more focused on immediate withdrawal. Republican Michele Bachmann defined Iraq as one part of a war on radical Islam, yet she offered no specifics on how she would win that war.

Wetterling also has credible solutions to issues such as the federal budget, taxes and health care.

On the first, she advocates the federal government utilize "pay-as-you-go" budgets, while on the other two her focus is to adopt measures that help middle-class families. Among ideas she supports are changing Medicare Part D to allow price negotiations for drugs and opening government health insurance "buying pools" to middle-class families.


Bachmann's fiscal and economic strategies rest almost completely on continuing or increasing tax cuts. She spoke in only vague terms about large-scale tax reforms. She also endlessly praised the U.S. economy. Sorry, we just don't think it's that good, especially for middle-income Americans.

Overall, Minnesota's 6th Congressional District is a rapidly growing place with an array of challenges. Voters need to elect a candidate who knows the issues and offers realistic, moderate ideas. That's Wetterling.

This editorial recognized some crucial things about this race. Patty Wetterling is the true moderate, offering real solutions to America's problems, and is the only candidate with a proven track record in Washington. For all Bachmann's conservative credentials, her platform mainly seems to be to follow the President's lead. She has not demonstrated real leadership capability during her time in the State Senate, passing little substantial legislation, and has mostly offered platitudes rather than specific policy objectives.

Patty Wetterling is the best choice in this race. Send Patty Wetterling to Congress.