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Wetterling racks up another newspaper endorsement

The newspaper syndicate ECM Publishers, which publishes small papers across the Sixth District, has endorsed Patty Wetterling. This is a big change, as they endorsed Kennedy in '04, and have endorsed other Republican candidates this year (Ramstad, Pawlenty). Here's what they have to say:

ECM EDITORIAL BOARD: Wetterling deserving of chance in 6th District


Our endorsement two years ago in the Sixth District went to Mark Kennedy over Wetterling. We felt he was best suited to continue in that job and that America was on the right track.

In 2006, we are endorsing Patty Wetterling.

The recent events in Washington with the Foley page scandal and its handling and the sum total of two more years of Republican control in Congress are enough to conclude it is time for change. Electing Wetterling is a step in the right direction.

In the past two years we have witnessed little progress with the war in Iraq. The growth in sectarian violence is approaching a full civil war and U.S. troops are caught in the crossfire. Our national debt is fast approaching $9 trillion and the current leadership has turned a $200 billion annual budget surplus to a $300 billion annual deficit in six years. Social Security remains in peril while those in upper-level income classes are handed tax breaks.

Wetterling is on record favoring a gradual withdrawal from the conflict, establishing benchmarks for the Iraqi government to stand up and thus enable U.S. forces to stand down. Staying-the-course as Bachmann supports is an indication she would never oppose the Bush folks. She is unwilling to distinguish Iraq from the much larger war on terror.

Wetterling would also put a clamp on the continued raiding of the Social Security Trust Fund while Bachmann has spoken positively of privatization of Social Security.

On taxes, Wetterling would work to protect middle-income taxpayers and suggests the wealthiest 1 percent carry their fair share of the tax bill. That conflicts with Bachmann who favors the push to make the Bush tax cuts permanent. It is little wonder that we continue to pile debt upon the shoulders of future generations while pushing through tax cuts during a time of war.

We believe Wetterling's time to serve in a new capacity has come. In the 17 years since the abduction of her son, Wetterling has grown in prominence on a national scale as an advocate and policy maker for missing and exploited youth. She has worked on the national stage and is a skilled consensus builder who can get things done.

Electing Bachmann will do little to break the gridlock in Washington, only place someone in power who is in lockstep with the president on matters where he is unwilling to compromise at great cost.

Bachmann's record in the senate is less than sterling. She has been a lightning rod for social conservative issues such as opposing gay marriage, and is often an obstructionist. She says she is persuadable and now a backer of the Northstar rail line. But her senate opposition resulted in delays that mean only half of the Northstar line can be built for the onetime cost of the entire line. It is such extreme views that make her wrong for the Sixth District.

In John Binkowski, the Independence Party candidate, voters have a third choice. He is a likable, energetic, intelligent and idealistic candidate who has some good ideas but little realistic chance to be a winner, only a spoiler in this race.

In Patty Wetterling's interview with the ECM Editorial Board, we listened to a candidate who has grown light years since 2004 when she came across at times as unprepared and unsure. But no more. She is ready to serve on the Congresional stage and we would all benefit from that service.

ECM publishes the following newspapers, a good portion of which are in the Sixth District:

Anoka County Union
Blaine-Spring Lake Park Life
Coon Rapids Herald
Caledonia Argus
Dakota County Tribune
ECM Post Review
Forest Lake Times
Isanti County News
Mille Lacs County Times
Morrison County Record
Princeton Union-Eagle
Star News
Thisweek Apple Valley
Thisweek Burnsville
Thisweek Eagan
Thisweek Farmington
Thisweek Life&Times
Thisweek Prior Lake
Thisweek Rosemount
Thisweek Savage


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