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Wetterling raises $822,000

The Star Tribune is reporting that the Sixth District race could be one of the nation's most costly, and could break the record set in the '04 Kennedy-Wetterling race for the most expensive House race in Minnesota history. In her most recent filing, Patty Wetterling reported receipts of $822,000 as of Sept. 30th, bringing her total amount raised to $2.1 million. Michele Bachmann has not yet filed; the deadline (I believe) is Oct. 15th.

From the article:

Wetterling and Bachmann, locked in a virtual tie in a Republican-leaning district, still have five weeks of fundraising to report to the FEC, covering the period from Oct. 1 until the Nov. 7 election.

"The trajectory is that we're headed for record territory," said Carleton College political scientist Steven Schier.

The race became the focus of national attention last week when Wetterling put out the first TV ad in the country calling for a criminal investigation in the Foley scandal.

In addition, both political parties' congressional campaign committees are pouring, or soon are expected to pour, more money into the race for television spots.

Wetterling's $2.1 million outpaces by 50% the $1.4 million she had raised at the same point in 2004.

Wetterling's report is not on the FEC site yet, but it should be soon.


I'm sure Michele will wait until the last minute--or beyond--to file her October quarterly report with the FEC. After all, her critics might comb through the names of contributors and find a few more tens of thousands of dollars coming from the Abolish Public Education crowd. Or maybe some more contributions from friends of KKK Grand Wizard David Duke, like Tony Perkins. Or a few more thousand from advocates of eminent domain, like William Hawks. And it's sure to reveal many thousands more pouring in from Michele's adopted hometown of Wayzata.