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Bachmann declines opportunity for bipartisanship

Surprise, surprise: Michele Bachmann has apparently turned down her inaugural opportunity to reach across the aisle and form important relationships with Democrats. According to the Harvard Crimson, only one of the new Republican members of Congress, Rep. Vern Buchanan of Florida, has accepted an invitation to a "powwow" held at the Harvard Institute of Politics this week. 80 percent of newly-elected Democrats have accepted invitations, including 5th District Representative-Elect Keith Ellison. The event sounds like it would have been a good opportunity for our new representative to get to know her fellow members and become educated on important issues:

Starting [Tuesday] and running until Friday, the event allows new
Congress members to hear from a slate of speakers, such as current and
former Congress members, academics, and policy-makers, on issues
ranging from terrorism to the global economy to work-family balance.

“On one hand, the program provides new members with issues they’ll be
facing in the future—such as balancing the federal budget,? said IOP
Director Jeanne Shaheen, a former governor of New Hampshire. “But very
important is that the program gives new members a chance to bond and
develop relationships. It’s an opportunity to hear from another point
of view.?

The conference aims to be “bipartisan in agenda,? according to IOP Associate Director David King, who chairs this program for newly elected representatives.

“We made every effort to represent both sides in the program,? King said.
Keith Ellison's spokesperson is disappointed that the Republicans refused to show up.

Dave Colling, a spokesperson for confirmed participant and incoming
Minnesota Democratic House member Keith Ellison, said the congressman was disappointed by the lack of Republicans at this week’s gathering.

“It would have been a good opportunity for bipartisanship,? he said.
“Hopefully we can reach across the aisle once we get to Washington.?

Why didn't Michele take this opportunity? She likes to talk about bipartisanship, but when it comes down to it, her claims don't match the reality. This is probably not the first time we will see a lack of bipartisanship from Mrs. Bachmann, but it is surprising that her media people wouldn't see at least the PR value of this