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Bachmann elected, promises more roads, less taxes, and twice the "life"

Well, as you may have heard, the election is over, and Michele Bachmann defeated Patty Wetterling by a solid margin.

Bachmann made the rounds of the media today, making outlandish promises she will never be able to keep as a freshman member of a minority party (wooooo!)

She promised two seemingly incompatible goals: paving over the Sixth District and enacting a "tax cut at every turn":

KARE 11:

"My goal is to sit on the financial services committee where I can affect tax code and I want to be able to sit on the Transportation Committee because I want to build more roads all across the 6th district."


Michele Bachmann, the only new Republican in the Minnesota delegation, who defeated Democrat Patty Wetterling, said she will focus on extending President Bush's tax cuts.

But as a freshman member of the minority, Bachmann conceded that pursuing that would be a tall order.

"It's very ambitious," she said. "But that doesn't dissuade me from pursuing tax cuts at every turn."

Bachmann will replace GOP Rep. Mark Kennedy, who lost his Senate bid Tuesday. She said she will try to land assignments on two committees that Kennedy now serves on -- Financial Services and Transportation.

Bachmann said she wants a spot on the transportation panel to help get funding for roads in the 6th Congressional District.

She said she wasn't concerned that being in the minority would limit her effectiveness.

"On a majority of issues, we'll find common ground," she said.

So, can we expect Congresswoman Bachmann to attach some sort of tax cut to every transportation bill? It's a big goal, but I think Michele can do it! Deficit spending--it's the American Way!

I also love the poetic flavor of her victory speech (now with 2x the "life"!):

[I]n her victory speech, Bachmann said she would fight for "life, marriage and family life" and would cut taxes

It's gonna be a looooooong two years.