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Bachmann, Repubs: Cheat to win!

If you need another reason to vote Patty Wetterling, consider the despicable tactics the Republicans are resorting to in the final hours of the campaign in a desperate attempt to eke out a win. The Wetterling campaign says Bachmann and her buddies are robo-calling households in the Sixth District. These calls are masquerading as information about Patty Wetterling; when the voter picks up the phone, the hope is, he or she will think it's a call from the Wetterling campaign.

Massive numbers of pre-recorded 'robo' calls are going into the homes of voters from Bachmann and her friends.

Reports are coming in that households are receiving phone calls in rapid succession with the false impression they are from our campaign.

We are even receiving reports of calls from special interest groups on the East and West Coasts; people who can't even properly pronounce "Wetterling" but who can, nonetheless, spew forth their venom of lies and false accusations about Patty.

The Bachmann goal is to create anger and confusion.

The release doesn't give specifics, but this account of the robocall fits the description of a despicable GOP campaign tactic that has been afflicting races around the country. People are getting tons of these calls at this time of year, so most of the time they just hang up. The trouble with these GOP phone calls is, if the voter hangs up, the robodialer immediately calls them back--up to seven or eight times, according to reports from other parts of the country. There have even been reports that these robodialers will make calls very early in the morning or very late at night, waking people up. The hope is that those receiving the calls will become angry and direct their blame at the Democratic candidate (in this case, Wetterling). Only when you make it to the end of the message (which contains negative slurs against Wetterling) do you find out who the call is really from (a company contracted by the candidate or the national party.) Josh Marshall & Co. over at TPM have been covering the GOP robo-call story extensively for the past few days; head over there for new developments. Here's a great summary:

Both parties deliver millions of robocalls during election season. You've probably gotten the calls from both parties and many outside groups. It happens every cycle.

Only one party has a nationwide campaign to deliver millions of intentionally-harassing calls disguised to appear that they're from the opposite party. That party is the Republican party. And the calls are funded by the NRCC -- the House GOP election committee.

It's the party of election subversion. Deal with it.

The Bachmann campaign and anyone else associated with them ought to be ashamed of themselves for utilizing such a dishonest, repulsive tactic. This campaign has been rough and both sides are guilty of exaggerating or distorting the facts, but this has to be the most despicable tactic of the race so far. Tellingly, they waited until the bitter end to pull this scam, so voters won't have time to dig up all the facts--the GOP's hope is that voters will go to the polls angry at Wetterling. You should be angry when you go to the polls tomorrow--angry that the Republican Party thinks so little of you that they are willing to cheat, deceive, and lie to win. VOTE PATTY WETTERLING.

Be on the lookout for calls like this, or any suspicious-sounding calls that might be dirty tricks. The Republicans will stop at nothing to win this election.