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Mrs. Bachmann goes to Washington

Freshman orientation began for the new members of Congress today, and thus there are the usual wave of stories in the media about their experiences. Even in these puff pieces, there are some interesting pieces of information. For instance, multiple stories mention that Michele Bachmann stopped by to see the Constitution on Sunday.

Paraphrase from this KSTP story:

"It takes my breath away, because this is what our country is about. This is what I'll be swearing to uphold."

And from this Star Trib story:

Republican Rep. Michele Bachmann arrived early and got to do a little sightseeing, getting a glimpse of the Constitution on Sunday.

She stopped by to see it, but has she actually read it? Will she now begin to take the President, her frozen-yogurt buddy, to task for his secret prisons in Europe, his "extraordinary renditions," Guantanamo Bay, Abu Ghraib, and torture (a "no-brainer," according to her close friend Dick Cheney)? And will she still be trying to amend the Constitution to include discrimination?

New members did their work behind closed doors, learning how to get their offices up and running, prepare their budgets, use franking privileges and how to keep abreast of complicated ethics rules.

"My No. 1 goal is to not go to jail," Bachmann said, chuckling.

Hmm... what does that mean? Is Michele planning on breaking some rules? As I've said before, the company she keeps doesn't have very good ethical standards. I had a suspicion she would fall into these same habits, favoring the special interests that funded her campaign over the people that elected her. But here the Democratic majority could be a benefit to her--it will be hard to push their agenda as part of the minority. So she won't be going to prison anytime soon. . . unlike her buddy Mark Olson, a paragon of family values, who was arrested on Sunday on suspicion of fifth-degree domestic assault.


What do you mean "planning on breaking some rules?" She already has, resulting in at least one complaint to the FEC and two complaints to the IRS involving separate incidents of federal campaign law violations.

When is the MSM going to report on Bachmann's checkered campaign ethics past?