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Parrish: "Women should carry guns," men should carry their purses

Dump Bachmann is having a bit of fun with a picture of Andy Parrish, Michele Bachmann's former campaign manager and now apparently an "aide" (rumor is, he wants to be her chief of staff), carrying Michele's purse:

I thought it would be a good time to bring out some more of Parrish's college wackery. Here are some excerpts from a column he wrote for the February 6, 2004 issue of the UW-River Falls campus newspaper, entitled "Women Should Carry Guns."

In this column, he makes an attempt to argue for the efficacy of conceal-and-carry laws for preventing rape. Now, this is something that has and will continue to be debated. Parrish, however, in this column, appears to base his argument on an extremely suspect set of facts for which he gives no source, and which seem wildly improbable compared to other data:

In the states with personal protection acts, more than 200,000 women per year fight off sexual attackers with a gun. That's an average of 548 women per day who do not get raped because they protected themselves with a handgun. In those cases, the gun is never fired 92 percent of the time. It just poses a neutralizing threat to the attacker.

Parrish does not cite his source for these statistics, but they don't seem to jive with other statistics I've found on the internet. For comparison, the Rape, Abuse, and Incest National Network estimates that the 200,000 number includes the total number of all sexual assaults, attempted rapes, and completed rapes:

Of the average annual 200,780 victims in 2004-2005, about 64,080 were victims of completed rape, 51,500 were victims of attempted rape, and 85,210 were victims of sexual assault.

Even if you assume that all of the 51,500 victims of attempted rape protected themselves with a gun, which is a ridiculous assumption, that comes nowhere close to Parrish's number. So I have no idea where he got this information, or if he misinterpreted some data, or if he just made it up. Examining sympathetic websites, I can't find anything close to Parrish's number. This study, by two University of Chicago economists, concluded:

Allowing citizens without criminal records or histories of significant mental illness to carry concealed handguns deters violent crimes and appears to produce an extremely small and statistically insignificant change in accidental deaths. If the rest country had adopted right-to-carry concealed handgun provisions in 1992, at least 1,570 murders and over 4,177 rapes would have been avoided.

Those numbers are significant, if they are accepted as accurate and still relevant. But they do not even come close to Parrish's wild assertions. Do they fact-check at River Falls?

But, after all, we don't read Andy Parrish for his crazy fairy-tale-land statistics. We read him for his overheated, ignorant, offensive, and ultimately entertaining rhetoric. Here are some gems from this article:

On this topic, the left's extreme arrogance, which I call Mad Democrat Disease (very similar to Mad Cow Disease), indirectly causes hundreds of thousands [ed: already debunked!] of women to be raped every year while the left does nothing but condone rape by fighting conceal and carry laws everywhere they are up for a vote.
How often have we heard left wing liberals claim guns are evil in and of themselves? [ed: Umm... never?] When was the last time you saw a gun load itself, jump off a table, walk into school and kill students all on its own?

Never, again. Obviously. But thanks for putting words in my "left wing liberal" mouth.

Don't those silly women over at N.O.W. understand that this is a great way for women to defend themselves and stop being constant victims of men? You would think that N.O.W. and other women's rights organizations wouldn't want men to be raping women but they must want these types of attacks since they don't want women to carry guns.

As usual, impeccable logic, Mr. Parrish.

His closer:

I have to bring this article to a close before the gun store closes. I plan on getting a handgun for my girlfriend so she does not become the statistic of a violent crime.

Let the snarkiness begin!


I hope you show more about him...he is a real tart!

I hope you show more about him...he is a real tart!

Pat: This is a good post if it exposes this Andy Parrish person to be the ignoramus he appears to be. Parrish is clearly out to lunch, And he is obviously making up statistics. be careful of relying on publications by John Lott, the University of Chicago economist. There is also a school of thought which claims he has also falsified data. But on that I express no opinion who is right or wrong.