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Report Suspicious Phone Calls

The Wetterling campaign has set up a hotline to collect information about the reports of suspicious robo-calls apparently coming from either the Bachmann campaign or the state or national Republican (read the post below this one for details.) If you get a call like this, collect all the information you can-- a recording would be the best, if you have both time and motivation-- and call Wetterling headquarters.


Dear Friends,

We are continuing to receive reports of suspicious robo-calls, falsely claiming to be from the Wetterling campaign.

If you receive one of these calls or notice other suspicious activity, we ask you to call the Wetterling campaign headquarters at 763-323-1803.

This is a very serious matter and your assistance is greatly appreciated.

Thank you.

With regards,
Corey Day

Wetterling Campaign Manager

Stop these despicable Republican tactics.

Let's make 'em pay at the polls! Vote Patty Wetterling for Congress!