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The future of this site

Dear Readers,

I was really hoping that Patty Wetterling would win the election, so that I could be rid of this accursed site once and for all. However, since she did not win, I feel that I must do whatever I can to oppose Michele Bachmann and to lay the groundwork for her defeat in 2008. I feel that the best way to do this is to keep this blog running. There are stories that are not being told about Michele Bachmann by the media; there is an alternative narrative to the one that was presented by the Bachmann campaign and blindly accepted by most media outlets, and this site, in conjunction with other sites like The Bachmann Record and Dump Michele Bachmann, can help tell those stories and challenge that narrative.

I also realized that I do enjoy blogging, despite becoming disenchanted with it at times. I like feeling involved in the political scene, even in a small way, and now that the elections are over and the campaigning season is gone, it would be good to have an outlet for this interest. I have made experiments in the medium before, but this time around I have become a much more specialized blogger, focusing on a much smaller field. I have gained a body of knowledge about Michele Bachmann and about the politics of the Sixth District that makes blogging much easier and more rewarding, and it would be a shame to let that hard work go to waste.

So, I have decided to keep this blog running. I will continue to document the fledgling federal career of Michele Bachmann, because the mainstream media has abdicated its duty to do so. I may not post as often as I did during parts of the 2006 campaign; partly because, without the twists and turns of a campaign season, there will be less to write about, but also because I cannot let blogging dominate my life, and I have other commitments (life, school, work) that are more important. If you are interested in what I have to say, I would recommend subscribing to this blog's feeds [ RSS 2.0 / Atom ] through a service such as Bloglines, in order to keep abreast of what may be periods of sporadic posting.

In the coming days, weeks, or months, depending on when I find time to make them, there will be changes coming to this site. First of all, I will change the name. (The URL will remain the same.) I am thinking that "Bachmann v. Bachmann" would be a good title for this blog, because I feel that, in this conservative district, the only person who can defeat the incumbent is Michele Bachmann herself. If you have other suggestions, please let me know in the comments. Along with the title change will be a complete site re-design. I meant to do this all along, because I realize that this is not the prettiest or most readable site. I will attempt to redress these shortcomings in the future. If you have design suggestions, please also leave them here.

I thank you all for reading, and I hope that you will continue to visit this site and contribute your thoughts and opinions.


Pat Smith


Glad to hear you'll still be around. You did yeoman's work during the campaign -- it wasn't you who let Wetterling down.

Thanks for all you've done, and will continue to do.

Thanks, Pat. It's been a good stop throughout the past few months.

How about this for a rename:
God's Chosen One Goes to Washington

How about naming it

Barnum & Bachmann

"Bachmann in Bartertown"??

Bachmann in Bartertown

One fool enters, one fool leaves.

Your religon has let you down and now you want to start up again for 08???

I ate out of Michele Bachmann's cake pan today at school. Her name was engraved on the side, so I crossed it out and wrote 'Patty Wetterling'. Funny thing was- it was devil's food cake!
It's a long story, trust me.

"Bachmann Begins" - nah...

"Jingle Bells, Bachmann Smells" ... nah...

... um...

"Bachmann Fervor Overdrive"

Pat, you've done some excellent original investigative work on Bachmann, and I look forward to reading your posts.

Glad to hear you're going to stay. Renaming the site obviously is a great idea.
it is imperative that there is a watchdog for a charlatan like Bachmann. I'm not sure how you get past the Christianist supporters though who are in our midst and think that the Muslims are out to conquer the world. Bachmann represents a type of cultish mindset that is hard to counter with facts and logic.