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Wetterling defended

This is a great letter in the Star Tribune today:

Faith and family also a Wetterling mainstay

In reading Katherine Kersten's Nov. 9 column regarding U.S. Rep.-elect Michele Bachmann, I was reminded of all the Sunday School classes and church services I attended with Patty Wetterling when we were growing up in St. Paul.

Although she did not proclaim it from the pulpit, I know that she also is a good Christian and a good mother and that she would have given anything on the evening of Nov. 7 to hear the voice of her oldest son calling to her from the crowd.


I am glad to see this letter defending Patty. Michele Bachmann and her supporters cannot claim a monopoly on the Christian faith. They claim to speak for all Christians, but obviously they don't. I would much rather vote for someone who is humble and respectful in their faith than someone who is loud and self-righteous. Apparently the voters of the Sixth District did not agree.