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Bachmann on the Iraq Study Group

Michele Bachmann: still spinning...

"I was pleased the Iraq Study Group recognized that it is not in the best interest of the United States to set arbitrary deadlines for withdrawal."

Bachmann is almost as confused and bewildered as George Bush looks in this picture:


What the Iraq Study Group's report actually said:

The primary mission of U.S. forces in Iraq should evolve to one of supporting the Iraqi army, which would take over primary responsibility for combat operations. By the first quarter of 2008, subject to unexpected developments in the security situation on the ground, all combat brigades not necessary for force protection could be out of Iraq.

1Q 2008: is that an "arbitrary deadline"?

Read the comments of Reid, Pelosi, and Murtha for intelligent commentary from people who actually read the report.

Dump Bachmann has more on Michele's past statements on Iraq. Apparently Michele has set her own "arbitrary deadline" in the past. Our troops will withdraw, she said,
"When freedom reigns over terror."
That's a deadline as arbitrary as your definitions of "freedom" and "terror."


And we mustn't forget this bit of sage advice from Bombs Away Bachmann: "We can’t remove any option off the table. And we should not remove the nuclear response."

Bachmann knows no one will read this report and it will be old news six months from now.

Thanks for digging into what the report actually says. This is typical of Michele Bachmann's lies - but you'd think reporters would call her on this one.

I encourage people to write letters to the editor on this one - since this article was in both the Strib and Pioneer Press.

I expect the Bushies' point in the Baker-Hamilton effort was to set the other "pole" in the debate in a more favorable position than others would have set it [Murtha].

It's a version of the strawman. "You guys set the strawman right over there," and then I debate the strawman, not the real opposition to my nonsense and overreaching.