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By the numbers...

The Star Trib has a campaign round-up for the Sixth District:

$7.2 million

Amount raised by candidates for Minnesota's Sixth Congressional District this year (including Rep.-elect Michele Bachmann and Patty Wetterling), according to the Center for Responsive Politics.


Of the 435 races for the House of Representatives, rank of Minnesota's Sixth Congressional District in terms of amount raised by the candidates.

They also have some interesting stats on the absolutely terrible political coverage of Twin Cities news media:


In an average half-hour local news broadcast in the Twin Cities in the month prior to last month's election, number of minutes taken up by political advertisements, according to a study by the University of Wisconsin.


Percent by which the amount of political advertising exceeded the amount of news coverage of the election on those news broadcasts.


Percent of the election-related local television news stories that focused on the strategy and the horse race of the campaign.


Percent of the election-related local television news stories that focused on issues in the election.

There are many parties that bear some responsibility for Michele Bachmann's victory, but in my mind none more so than the media, which refused to cover Bachmann honestly and comprehensively.

Finally, they have this "statistic" about blogging:


Number of new blogs created each second of every day, according to Google CEO Eric Schmidt.


Number of readers that the average blog has, according to Schmidt.

So true.


The stats on local news coverage of campaigns are no surprise at all. Just confirmation of what we experienced trying to get the lame local media to report on the REAL Michele Bachmann rather than the Makeover Michele Bachmann. Pie-in-Ear Press, Strib, MPR--all guilty of this collosal failure of reporting. So we in the 6th CD will pay the price with two years of nonrepresentation in Congress.