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PiPress: Bachmann should take "hard line" on ethics

A PiPress staff editorial praises Amy Klobuchar's pledge to be an ethical Senator...

Amy Klobuchar, elected last month as Minnesota's newest U.S. senator, aims to make good on the themes of her campaign in that regard. This week, she pledged to refuse any trips, meals or gifts from private sources. She wants to tighten up on no-bid federal contracts and create an independent body to enforce the ethics rules that bind lawmakers. And she wants to make the local spending projects that slide quietly into bigger bills more visible.
...and challenges Michele Bachmann:

May [Klobuchar] enjoy wild success at that — and in her effort to set an example. There's no reason why Sen. Norm Coleman, Rep. John Kline, Rep. Michele Bachmann, Rep. Betty McCollum and others from Minnesota, despite their various differences, shouldn't team up with Klobuchar to make sure Minnesota glistens like Mr. Clean, or Ms. Clean, as the case may be.
Perhaps the PiPress editorial staff should have taken a look at the record of Bachmann's new chief of staff, who has a record of accepting lobbyist-sponsored trips.


My hope is that Pelosi and others in leadership will take a particularly long hard look at ethical abuses, and fiscal abuses, out of the Dept. of Faith, or whatever W's henchmen call that thing now, where Kuo wrote that they laughed at the Koolaid crowd and gave cronie grants while ignoring true, established apolitical charitable outlets.

Do you suppose we could expect Michele Bachmann to sign up to voyage on that little hummer?

Fat chance, I'd guess, but when you win the house you win the opportunity to ferret out corrupt practices - something uniquely egregious when dressed up as "matters of faith" and the faith is in cronyism, same old same old, DC as usual.