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"Fiscally responsible" Bachmann votes "nay" on pay-as-you-go and earmark reform

Michele Bachmann likes to talk about how she values fiscal responsibility. Why, then, did she vote NAY on the pay-as-you-go rule, which basically ensures that any new spending must come with an accompanying way to raise the money, and must not increase the deficit. Why did she vote NAY on earmark reforms that will increase transparency in spending and prevent a lot of the pork-barrel spending Michele has criticized in the past?

Here is a Reuters article
on the reforms passed this week in Congress.

Many of Michele Bachmann's Republican colleagues broke ranks to vote for the fiscal responsibility reforms, including this guy:

The move won applause from some of the most conservative House Republicans, including Rep. Jeff Flake of Arizona, who said Democrats "had more guts than we did to tackle earmark reform in a meaningful way. I compliment them for that."

Write Michele Bachmann an e-mail asking why she voted NAY on these important reforms. You probably won't get a response-- so maybe you should write your letters to local newspapers instead.

[UPDATE]: Eva pointed out that my links did not work, and that I linked to the wrong roll-call vote. These have now been fixed. For clarification, the law that Bachmann voted "NAY" on was Title IV of House Resolution 6, which contained the earmark reforms and the pay-as-you-go changes. Since my earlier links didn't work, you can read a pdf of the entire H. Res. 6 here... scroll down to Title IV for the relevant information.


The rollcalls you link to suggest she voted yea on these things.

Also, the searches you did don't keep as persistant links.

Eva, thanks for that... the links have now been fixed / re-done. She DID vote against these reforms but I linked to the wrong roll-call.

I would encourage every 6th CD resident to continue writing Bachmann at every opportunity. Post your responses here or at www.dumpbachmann.com as well as your non-responses. She is everyone's representative--not just those who agree with her--and she's obligated to respond.

Karl, good thinking. We should still write her, even though we will get no response, or, at best, a non-response. Then publicize what response we get.