October 5, 2006

On outrage and fear

This is a great post.

So is this.

The Republican majority has got to go. Start by taking back Mark Kennedy's seat for Patty Wetterling.

July 18, 2006

A new blog enters the fray

...sort of. Heeeeeeeere's "Better Than Bachmann!"

The author hasn't posted anything except a links section and a test post, but I like the blog's epigraph/intro statement (or whatever you want to call it):

There are plenty of sources on the Web that explain why Michele Bachmann is wrong for Minnesota and America, but they all gloss over one key point: Patty Wetterling is better than Bachmann, much better.

True that, son.

I hope that Chris, the author, posts again and injects himself/herself into the discussion. Until then, I will try to do less Bachmann-bashing and more Patty-boosting. Or, preferably, combine the two more effectively.