November 19, 2005

Record covers

I know a lot of people who haven't bought a real CD in quite a long time. They are content to just download it off the internet. While I may have occasionally partaken in the "piracy" phenomenon, nothing (well, almost nothing) gives me greater joy than actually buying a great record. When you simply download an album, you are missing out on a few things. One of those things is the cover art. I fear that, with the increasing dominance of iTunes and illegal downloading, and other technologies that we've yet to see, great album art will become a thing of the past. (Read another take on this here.)

I can think of a few album covers that I think are just astonishing, not only as pieces of art, but in how they complement and represent (or don't represent) the music that they adorn. Here are a few of my favorites:

This is just an amazing image.

I remember reading somewhere that the photographer originally wanted to throw this shot away because of the solarization on Neil's face, but it is such a perfect image for this great album.

But there is also a darker side to the album cover. I saw this list of "the worst record covers of all time" at Pitchfork this week. It's really funny. Also check out this one.

Posted by smit2174 at November 19, 2005 12:54 PM