December 21, 2005

Facebook hijinx

So they've added some new features to Facebook recently.

This one is great: "how do you know this person?" There is unlimited potential for abuse. (See below.)

I also enjoy "Pulse," which supposedly tracks "trends" at your college and compares them to national "trends." One such "trend" I noticed yesterday: "23 percent of Minnesota student prefer MPIRG to Target." Hmm. I didn't know you could compare a liberal political organization to a multinational corporation, but whatev. Also: "2.1% of Minnesota enjoys Jack Johnson." So the other 97.9% don't? ...Yep, seems about right. It's also depressing to see that The Notebook is, statistically, Minnesota's (and the nation's) favorite movie.

The photos thing, which debuted a few months ago, is also pretty cool. But overall, facebook is going downhill with all the ads and sell-out "sponsored groups" they're doing now. Ah well, such is life.

Posted by smit2174 at December 21, 2005 10:32 PM