February 23, 2006

Fun stuff

I will be taking a temporary hiatus (don't worry, it's just for the weekend) from this blog as I travel to Iowa State to visit some friends. When I get back, I'll hopefully get time to finally wrap up my thoughts on Steve Kelley and Becky Lourey in time for the caucuses. I'll hopefully also do a post or two on the gubernatorial debate-- which, BTW, is happening next Tuesday, Feb. 28th, from 8-10 PM in the President's Room in Coffman. Steve Kelley, Becky Lourey, and Kelly Doran will be there. (Random side note: I had a weird dream last night in which Mike Hatch was a long-haired hippie. It didn't look like him at all, either, yet it was completely believable. WTF?)

Anyway, I figured I'd make this a fun post, highlighting some great (and not-so-great) things I've found on the internet. If you're bored, here ya go.

*Check this out: William Shatner's take on Hamlet
*Continuing the Star Trek theme, here's Leonard Nimoy's hobbit-themed music video.
*Horrible, but extremely funny, TV show concept. I do not condone the graveyard scene at all.
*I just have to throw something political in here, for old times' sake. Wonder if Abramoff's feelings are hurt?
*Support Max and Monica for MSA Prez/VP
*Watch the new video from the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, "Gold Lion"... I predict this song will be big. Karen looks completely insane in this video-- she reminds me of the robot girl from Metropolis, if anyone's ever seen that. [Try watching it here if you want better sound quality.]

Have a great weekend.

Posted by smit2174 at February 23, 2006 4:59 PM