January 26, 2005

Needs no explanation.

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a REAL Senator

Thanks, Mr. Dayton!

"I don't like to impugn anyone's integrity, but I really don't like being lied to repeatedly, flagrantly, intentionally. It's wrong; it's undemocratic; it's un-American; and it's very dangerous. It is very, very dangerous. And it is occurring far too frequently in this administration."

Sen. Mark Dayton, at Condoleeza Rice's confirmation hearing.

And of course, the Republicans are not-so-subtly labeling every Democrat who votes to oppose her "racist." (We learned this in psychology. It's called "projection.") Now, this might be true for someone like Sen. Robert Byrd, a former member of the KKK. But Mark Dayton? Gimme a break.

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January 24, 2005

1/24 - Most depressing day?

Found this link on dKos. MSNBC.com reports that January 24th is the "most depressing day of the year." A British psychologist, Dr. Cliff Arnall, devised this equation for determining a person's "low point":

[W + (D-d)] x TQ
M x NA

...where W = weather, D = debt, d = monthly salary, T = time since Christmas, Q = time since failed quit attempt, M = low motivational levels and NA = the need to take action.

Well, I thought today went pretty well, actually! This weekend was kind of bad for me-- homework and boredom piled up already-- but today was just dandy. Classes went well, people were nice, and of course, UDFL started up again. It's gonna be a good semester. Well, that's what I'll tell myself anyway. ;)

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January 19, 2005

"Inauguration Eve" special!

So, by now we have all heard that tomorrow will be Mr. Bush's Second Inauguration. It will be the most costly and extravagant inauguration celebration in history. ($35 million, but who's counting?) The 51% of American voters who decided that a second term would be good will be watching the parade, hoping to catch a glimpse of the radiant beams from their Great Leader's face. Me? I'll be watching the protests. Heck, I might even go to one-- I've seen flyers for a protest on the Mall outside Northrup at noon. My class doesn't get out 'til 12:30, but I might make a sign and get out there for part of it. We'll see. My only problem is that the protest is organized by Socialist Alternative. The flyers say something like, "Fight Bush's Right-Wing Agenda." Now, you would expect them to be fighting a right-wing agenda, considering that they profess to be socialists. However, these are the same people that, two-and-a-half months ago, were fighting the left-wing agenda of John Kerry, for no particular reason that I could discern. The only particular rallying cry I heard was, "Democrats and Republicans are all the same! They are owned by corporations! Corporations are the devil! VOTE NADER! AAAAGH!"

Now, it's true that corporations and big money have too much influence in politics today. (Sorry to say, but this ain't gonna change with the Repubs in power.) But seriously-- no difference between Bush and Kerry? What the hell? You tell us to "PAY ATTENTION!" to what's going on. Well, I have been paying attention, and I know this country is going further down the crapper in the next four years (based on current trends). My theory is, these guys just want something, anything, to protest. Their job only gets easier when a fascist like Bush is in power. So, they try to convince others to vote Socialist, or Green, or whatever else. This way, nothing will ever change, and they will have endless things to protest-- things that they may or may not believe in. (My other theory is, these people subconsciously hate Kerry because he killed a few of their Communist brethren in Vietnam. Please, guys. Let's let bygones be bygones. Even the American Communist Party endorsed Kerry-- I should know, I got a sweet pin out of the deal.)

Damn, now I've got myself pissed at all these dudes-- Socialist Alternative, the College Greens, Students for Nader. (Someone should check the membership lists for these groups, and see how much the membership overlaps.) Maybe I won't go to their protest after all. But, dangit, I love me a good protest! I fondly remember an anarchist climbing a flagpole in D.C. in 2000, trying to rip down Old Glory and hoist a black flag instead. I remember the chants, the tear gas, the riot gear, the eggs thrown at the limo. "Hail to the Thief." Ahh, good times. I'll let you know later if I decide to go or not... stay tuned!

Before we part, here's some food for thought:

Menu in Washington, D.C.: (via Yahoo!)

"First course: Scalloped crab and lobster

"Second course: Roasted Missouri quail with chestnuts and brined root vegetable

"Third course: Steamed lemon pudding and apple wild cherry compote

"The china will feature a woodland design set on amber-colored, pressed velvet tablecloths. The table centerpieces will be a unique arrangement of berries, leaves and roses."

Menu in Iraq:

Here are a couple of sample MREs, found on this website. (Click on "What do Soldiers Eat?")

"Menu 19: Roast Beef w/ Vegetables, Wet Pack Fruit, Peanut Butter, Crackers, Cheese Spread (Jalapeno), Cookie*, Cocoa Beverage Powder, Hot Sauce." Thoughfully packaged with "Accessory Packet A, Spoon, and Plastic Heater" for your dining convenience.

"Menu 8: Beef Patty, Nacho Cheese Pretzels, Macaroni & Cheese (Mexican)**, Cheese Spread w/ Bacon**, Wheat Snack Bread (2), BBQ Sauce, Hot Sauce." Also packaged with the far superior "Accessory Packet C," and the requisite "Spoon" and "Plastic Heater."

*Type not specified. I just hope it's not Oatmeal Raisin.

I've had one of these MREs, at a campout in Boy Scouts... I believe it was the Beef Stew. As I recall, it wasn't bad, but it's certainly no roasted Missouri quail. I doubt they get table settings, either.

Okay, I'm out.

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