May 13, 2005

Stupid Bush pics

I ripped these off from Atrios... hope he doesn't mind...

bush driving.jpg

In this case, I have to steal the caption, too: "Vroom, vroom!" Look, Mr. Putin, I'm driving! Wheeeeee!

bush smile.jpg

Here, he looks more like a retarded butler than a President.

bush umbrella.jpg

Please, just let Laura do it. You're hurting America.

For more pictorial mayhem, read this post.

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May 7, 2005

Who said it?

"The national government will maintain and defend the foundations on which the power of our nation rests. It will offer strong protection to Christianity as the very basis of our collective morality. Today Christians stand at the head of our country. We want to fill our culture again with the Christian spirit. We want to burn out all the recent immoral developments in literature, in the theatre, and in the press -- in short, we want to burn out the poison of immorality which has entered into our whole life and culture as a result of liberal excess during the past years."

Guess who?

Nope, not George Bush. Ralph Reed? Guess again. James Dobson? Nyet. It wasn't Pat Robertson or Rick Santorum, either.

It was Adolf Hitler.

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May 6, 2005

Democrats expelled from church

This is outrageous. In Waynesville, NC, 9 members of East Waynesville Baptist Church were kicked out of church after they refused to "repent" for voting for John Kerry. Approximately 40 other principled members resigned from the congregation in protest.

Watch the video. (Right click-->Save as.)

"One of the local women who got excommunicated said on TV that it was like a cult. Another man who got excommunicated said that the rest of the congregation stood up and applauded as the Democrats were told to leave."

More here and here.

This is all over the internet, but major news sources haven't picked it up yet. Hopefully we will learn more soon-- When did this happen? Is it legal? Will the church lose its tax-exempt status? Obviously, it has ceased to be a religious organization and has moved into the political realm. Wonder if they'll have to start filing with the FEC?

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May 4, 2005

Sit-in, part 3-- students arrested

I'm still sorting all this out in my head, so I won't state my opinions about the whole situation just yet. But the news is finally in:

Apparently 9 to 10 students were arrested for tresspassing shortly after 6 p.m. today, when the building closed:

Seven people began sitting in the president's outer office about 10:15 a.m., and another 10 to 12 reportedly sat or stood in the hall outside. He was not in his office Wednesday. Six of the seven in the president's office were arrested shortly after 6 p.m. on trespassing charges, as were three or four others. Police handcuffed them and led them to a van in a parking garage beneath Northrop Plaza, out of sight of the other protesters. Most were expected to be released Wednesday night.

University Police Chief Greg Hestness said some protesters near the van were sprayed with a chemical irritant. There were differing accounts of whether those sprayed were approaching or retreating from the van.

(From the Star Tribune. No one else is on this yet.)

Take a Left weighs in on the "complete disgrace" that is the "shameful arrests of peaceful student protesters." He has pictures, too!

Read up, it's interesting stuff. Hopefully the Daily will have some good coverage of this tomorrow, too.

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Yep. That's a real magazine cover. Al Gore is starting his own cable TV channel, to be named Current. I don't have cable, so I won't be able to watch it. But maybe you should check it out.

From the article:

On April 1 INdTV transformed into Current and publicly resurfaced for a preview press screening at its stylish two-story headquarters--exposed brick walls and beams, wood floors, modern and minimalist art. Flat-screen TVs everywhere glowed with Current's new logo, four green squares reminiscent of a Josef Albers painting. Gore, wearing a gray suit, open black-collared shirt and black cowboy boots, amiably opened the press conference and reiterated what his network was not. "We have no intention of being a Democratic channel, a liberal channel or a TV version of Air America. That's not what we're all about. We are about empowering this generation of young people in the 18-to-34 population to engage in a dialogue of democracy and to tell their stories of what's going on in their lives, in the dominant medium of our time." The programming, Current officials explained, will be a mix of material produced by David Neuman's in-house team of young correspondents, queries from freelancers and submissions from the audience, which Current hopes will be the network's core. At the beginning, viewers will provide less than a third of all programming. But Neuman hopes to ramp up quickly, eventually soliciting a "tapas bar for young adults."

Chuck Olsen (of "Blogumentary" fame) has more, and personal stories to boot, here.

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Sit-in, part 2

From Save the General College: The Unofficial Underground:

HI all,

there are 12 of us inside Bruininks office right now,
they are trying to move us outside of his office, we
need people to call the president's office RIGHT NOW
to tell them to let us SIT IN this office! 612-626-1616

please help us by calling and telling them to let us
sit in this office until the president meets with us

Thank you!

This was posted at 12:10 PM. I just got back from class over in Walter Library, and there didn't seem to be a huge rally going on at Morrill. There was a "Save GC" table set up, but only a few people were around. I also heard there were police over there before, but I didn't hear what happened-- anyone know? There is still no coverage of this in mainstream sources, so it's hard to know for sure what is going on.

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Holy crap... a sit-in!

Wow. Apparently a group of General College students and supporters are staging a sit-in in Morrill Hall and President Bruininks' office to protest the closing of GC. This should be interesting to follow.

I'm sitting here trying to think of what I think about all this, but I haven't made up my mind yet. I will post more on my thoughts later if I have time. This story hasn't hit the StarTrib or Google News as of yet-- the sit-in just started an hour ago.

Search for the latest news or keep checking here. Take a Left and the Save General College blog will probably have more updates as the protest progresses. This should be fun.

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May 3, 2005


Over the past few days, I've discovered what an amazingly great album this is. I've been listening to it on Rhapsody, but I think I will have to spring for the recent re-release (remastered, with 3 bonus tracks.) Of course, we've all heard "You Can Call Me Al" (and seen the ridiculous but great video), but every song on here is just great. The combination of Paul Simon's great lyrics and singing (everyone knows Simon>Garfunkel) with incredible African rhythms and musicianship (check the bass solos! and the vocals!) makes for a fantastic listening experience.

I ignored it for many years because it was a record my parents had, but I'm discovering that perhaps they don't have bad taste in music at all. Just a little different than me. After all, how did I get into Neil Young? By (*ahem*) "appropriating" my dad's copy of Harvest and listening to his vinyl copy of Decade whenever I could. I guess my parents had pretty good musical taste back in the day-- The Clash, Bruce Springsteen, Elvis Costello, and so on. They just aren't up on what the kids are listening to these days.

Though I guess that Graceland's African influence started my dad's mild obsession with African musicians like Kanda Bongo Man and Youssou N'Dour. But, after all, I don't mind it that much. It's better than his former musical obsession-- Selena. (May she rest in peace.)

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May 1, 2005

ANWR; or, Just one more reason Norm Coleman sucks.

Oh right, we're not supposed to call it "ANWR" anymore, it sounds too cold and professional. We're supposed to call it "the wildlife refuge." But anyway, yeah. Norm Coleman confirms his status as the #1 douchebag in Minnesota. Congrats, Norm.


"In ANWR, it just tilts a little different for me. . . . Let's save that little pristine piece of the world."

--Norm Coleman, quoted in the Star Tribune, March 16, 2002.

and NOW...

A $2.6 trillion federal budget blueprint approved by Congress late Thursday may clear the way for a Republican plan to open the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge to oil drilling, according to congressional aides.

The budget plan does not specifically mention ANWR drilling by name.

But Judd Gregg, a New Hampshire Republican who heads the Senate Budget Committee, indicated its language was carefully crafted to ensure that Senate legislation to give oil companies access to the Alaskan wildlife refuge would not be subject to a filibuster.

Reuters, April 29, 2005.

Oh... and guess who voted "YEA" on this measure?

Norm Coleman.

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