July 2, 2005

Hooray for Venus... the woman, not the planet... or the Greek goddess...

For some reason, and I'm not really sure what it is, because I don't really follow tennis at all, and didn't watch more than an hour, all told, of this year's Wimbledon, I'm still really happy that Venus Williams won.

Barely, just barely, better than the top-ranked Davenport on a cloudy afternoon, Williams pulled off two impressive comebacks all at once:

She's the first woman in 70 years to win at the All England Club after facing a match point in the final, and she returned to the top of the tennis world after two years of personal and professional setbacks.

Once No. 1 in the rankings, then just No. 2 in her family, Williams had won only one tournament in the last 13 months and tumbled in the rankings. At No. 14, she is Wimbledon's lowest-seeded women's champion.

``It has special meaning,'' Williams said. ``I wasn't supposed to win.''

Hmm. I don't know, maybe it's the underdog thing, or that everyone only talks about Serena, but for some reason I just wanted Venus to win this year, and then she did. So that's cool.

Posted by smit2174 at 6:30 PM