February 5, 2006

Coloring Contest: Sam's entry

I have the honor to present to you a modern masterpiece of MSPaint coloring, cunningly entitled The Circle of Death. Props to Sam.

Once again, here are the previous entries:

by Pat

by Melissa

Remember, the deadline for entries is February 28th.

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February 2, 2006

Coloring contest-- now with points! / Brian's entry

So, the new Arbitrary Points System is well underway, with the first 202.06 points going to my bro Sam. Congrats. I will get the "honor roll," as it were, up sometime this weekend (hopefully.)

In an effort to increase the amount of entries, I've decided to up the ante for the Coloring Contest. Any entries sent in before February 28th, 2006 will be eligible for the Grand Prize of 1,000 points! The entries will be examined by a select panel, one that may or may not include celebrity judges, that will select the winner. Other prizes may be awarded, as well (arbitrarily, of course.) You haven't got anything to lose, though: any entry will get you at least 1 point! Send your entries to: smit2174 /-at-/ umn (-dot-) edu and I will post them on the site.

We've also gotten another submission (actually, we got it more than a month ago... sorry.) This one's from Brian, who blogs at Knowledge. Check it out, and leave comments if you so desire.

Here are the previous entries, in case you've forgotten...

by Pat

by Melissa

Go to it! Send those entries in!

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December 3, 2005

I heart parachute pants... and by heart I mean LOVE... and by "love" I mean "wear"


Folks, we have our first entry in the official coloring contest. I witnessed the creative process for this one, and let me tell you, it's going to be tough to attain the right state of mental enlightenment to produce something this... amazing. Let's all give a warm round of applause to M. Shelsby. If no one else enters, I guess she will win the GRAND PRIZE. (The secret grand prize.)

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