February 19, 2006

Wankers of the Day (aka the Oasis fanboy post)

This blog has survived more than a year without declaring a "wanker of the day." As it is a powerful derogatory term, I feel it is something that should be used sparingly (not daily, despite what the term implies.) That said, I feel I must stand up for my principles and declare Pandagon, a blog for which I have the utmost respect, the very first a plain picture Wankers of the Day:

The worst song in the history of music, nay, hearing, nay sound.

Wait for it…

Wait for it….

Wonderwall by OASIS! Heh heh, EAT IT JEDMUNDS!!

As a die-hard Oasis fan, I must object. No matter how bad, how musically derivative (even of their own previous work), how lyrically mindless and/or nonsensical, how filled with hubris and delusions of grandeur, everything by Oasis must be considered PURE GOLD. Yes, I agree that "Wonderwall" has been overplayed, and there are far better Oasis songs. (There are also far worse Oasis songs.) But declaring "Wonderwall" the worst song of all time is utter blasphemy. Please listen to the following playlist, handpicked by your humble servant, yours truly, and revel in the glory that is Oasis. Ride the B.O.A.T. (Best of All Time)

Digsy's Dinner
Stay Young
Live Forever
D'You Know What I Mean?
Cigarettes & Alcohol
Mucky Fingers
Gas Panic! [live]
Hey Hey, My My (Into The Black) [live, Neil Young cover]
Morning Glory
Slide Away
The Masterplan


It's Getting Better (Man!!)

Some Might Say

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