October 11, 2004

First day of volunteering

Today was my first day of volunteering at the boys and girls club. I was a little excited, but a little nervous of course. I wore a t-shirt and cropped jeans; pretty neutral clothing choice. I arrives at the boys and girls club (Which by the way I didn't know took like 20 minutes to get to!) and I found myself in a huge cylindrical building. It looked so small on the outside, but it was huge on the inside. Very interesting. I signed in, I looked around and found the majority of kids in the center part of the building, the gynasium. They were all playing basketball and having what looked like to be a ton of fun. I liked it here already. The kids all looked at me with very welcoming eyes and were friendly when I spoke to them. I soon was assigned to help with homework, and there sat a little girl named Jamilla. She was 10, and in the fourth grade. I could tell she was a very sweet little girl. We ended up hanging out the whole afternoon; playing pool (Which by the way she is AMAZING at!), playing air hockey, and reading books. I also met a little boy named demarquiz and he was just a cutie.
All of the kids seemed very happy to be there which was cool. Eventually my 2 hours were up, and it was time to leave.

For next time I would like to bring some sort of activity/craft to do with the kids to get to know some more of the kids.

"I had a feeling that I belonged, I had a feeling I could be someone."
- Tracy Chapman

Posted by smit2227 at October 11, 2004 11:26 PM