October 19, 2004

10/18/04 volunteering

Yesterday was my second time volunteering for the boys and girls club. Today I really felt used to the site and was very comfprtable in my surroundings. As soon as I got into the building, I got a hug from Jamilla, my friend from before. That was cool. It felt good that she remembered me and was excited to see me. We played some pool, and once again, she beat me. (She's ten, I still don't know why she beats me every time!) After that, I went into the homework/computer room to see if anyone needed help. I went over and helped a little boy named Dontae. He needed to create a number story about pumpkins. This seemed very difficult for him. Across from the table, a girl named Qui Qui was doing the same exact homework and was getting it done a lot faster. It took us about 30 minutes to write a three sentence story. I feel like maybe he is a little ADD because he kept turning around to look at the computer games one of his freinds was playing. I didn't know if he just wasn't trying, or he seriously couldn't. I got a little frustrated, but soon we finished it. I really praised him for getting it finished and doing a good job. I hope that helped to tell him that if he gets his homework done, people will be proud of him. I then went over to one of the other computers where Dontae's brother, Demarquez was sitting. Now, Im not one to play favorites, but this little boy is just a doll. he reminds me of the little boy in the movie Honey. We ended up playing the whole afternoon, and when we went to play bingo, he sat on my lap. It was cool because we both got bingo at the same time and both got candy. He was pretty quiet up until then, and then all of the sudden, he was mr. talkative. It was very cute. Soon I had to leave, but I promised I would be back. Definatley a fun day, I am excited to go back!

"Hold on if you can, youre gonna sink faster than you can imagine so, it's just time to swim ashore." -Jack Johnson

Posted by smit2227 at October 19, 2004 5:08 PM