September 6, 2006

My first entry

Hey all, I'm just starting this whole blogging thing. I am kind of absent-minded, so do not expect this to be a daily occurrence, but more than likely whenever I remember to update it.

So far, the first couple days of class have been a huge change from high school, but I think I can handle the change. The fact that I have classes on certain days and that lectures and discussions are split up is going to work for me i think. I only have four physical classes, and another that is purely online. It's nice because I can do assignments when I have time for them. My roommate is really cool and I have lots of new friends already.

My bike gets me across the Washington Ave. bridge much faster than when i walk, and that is nice when I have only 15 minutes to get over the river and through the woods to my next class. I do not yet know how the commute will go when the weather takes a turn for the worse, but hopefully i can still ride my trusty Schwinn.

Thats all for now.

The Frosh