November 9, 2007

Divison 1 Runing

I am currently on the University of Minnesota's Cross Country and Track and Field team. I run the 3000 and the 500 in track, and this will be my first year competing because I was injured last year and had to red shirt. I am origonally from Plymouth MN, where I attended Benilde - St. Margarets High School. I competed for there varsity Track and Corss Country team for 6 years. I had a wonderful coach and my teammates were liek extended family. The only problem with going to a smaller school was that I did not have a lot of competiton to push me to be better. for that i reason I decided I would run for U, as opposed to a smaller division II or III school. Although I know I would probably have more personal success at a saller school, I would rather be on a team that pushes me to be better, then on one that I am the number one runner. Since I have been here our team has won two big ten chmapionships and has been ranked 4th in the ntaion, the highest in the team's history. I know I made a good choice.