30 Seconds to Midnight!

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Sketches, models, etc.

10 Ideas and 1 Horrifying Prototype


Axe-man can be reaaaally expensive! Also, my ex's ex works there now! Horrifying ordeal!

Just moved in with my cousins so after Leo's (where I couldn't really take anything home)
I had to make due with these tools. No glue. No wire cutters.
Got a lot of mileage out of the corkscrew.

Perplexed guinea pigs:
Poll'd unsuspecting classmates I have NEVER spoken to. Very weird!
Even with the prototypes people seemed to get a lot more into the concepts once presented with drawings. Also hard to get students to pay for anything, so I got some more WTP info from some people who work in my building.

Did some benchmarking and patent googling.

This one is a little hard to read. Flickr is not letting me upload the image at the size i created it at. Expect an update wherein I chop it into two images.

Other ideas that didn't make it to prototyping.

The Man From S.C.A.M.P.E.R.


Working from this idea from Jacob in the Blue Sky ideation:

A ferret on Angel Dust/PCP to be let loose in sink with suds to wash plates

Which I kinda picture like this thing.

S-substitute robot for insane ferret
C-combine with roomba to be placed upside down in sink to double as scrubber
A- make ferret like remote control robot for cleaning pipes
M- make large ferret like robot for sewer/vent cleaning
swarm of tiny ferret-bots for
P- colonoscopy scope modelled after ferret tail, moves by extending tiny hairs
E-scrubber that spins in pan for easy cleaning
R-sink made out of porous scrubbing material

Morphological chart!

From Kate's Blog

5. Sink with built in dehumidifier (Ellen, regular)S-substitute humidifier
C- combinination dehumidifier/humidifier
A- self regulating humidifier controlled by same unit as thermostat
M- misting cap that humidifies using content of any water bottle
M- sink disposal that dehydrates garbage for less smelly storage
P- dehumidifying mask
E- dehudifier that has tap to fill water bottle
R- office relaxation pool that emits mist to humidify
R- dehumidifier that has small mist chamber for plant/pet lizard/moss garden
R- home unit that regulates atmospheric pressure in a room (to simulate high altitudes/low altitude what have you..)

2. Speeding agitator blades in the basin with the clothes (Taylor, negative)
S- slow agitator blades in basin (safe disposal??)
C-disposal unit that rises out of drain to convert sink to washing maschine
A- piston unit in stead of agitator
M- agigator blades in bathtub
P-agitator brushes that wash dishes
E-basin that pumps water in and out to agitate without blades
R-portable tube with agitators to wash without basin

From Taylor's blog

Sink UrinalS- Urinal sink
C- Urinal sink toilet bidet
A- sink you pee in detects level of hydration/intoxication
M- shower with sink in it(that you pee in)
P- urinal that saves ammonia for fertilizer to be used in garden
E- urinal that has a sink above it so you can wash your hands and save time/eliminate lines
R-sink that produces sterile, urine like substance for easy preservation


S- Toilet cano, erupts when you flush
C- sinktoiletcano
A- crater basin toilet for disabled
M- room sized chamber accomodates all bathroom uses
P-decorative fountain/ stream with multiple levels that dishes can be washed in
E- sink decorated to look like volcano for kids to play aorund with little dino toys and such
R- whirlpool sink

Idea wallet & bug list

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Bug list:
Sandisk thumbdrives
Separate checks @ restaurants.
waiters/servers redundant? See Travaille in Robinsdale
Metal flag fasteners that clink in the wind against metal pole
Tape/saran wrap that clings to itself
scroll window on class site
dogleash that has static length and allows pulling
major requirements
computer cables
lecture format

Idea wallet:
100 yen houses
Theo Johnson
Blank Check projects
life hacker
Capsule hotels
chonku chonku
queue professionals
paper craft
jane mcgonical's evoke

Dinner Shindig/Brainstorm


Focus/theme: dishwashing
Having planned on taking advantage of my Father and I mixing company at our joint dinner parties, I was a little sidetracked by my best friend getting engaged and my dad leaving town for the weekend.
That said, I made this work.
Soooo, a day late, I got me a pretty diverse group of ages and backgrounds:
In the mid twenties we had a painter, a Bio-medical enginer and a Dell I.T. administrative professional.
We also had a retired lawyer and a professional videographer.
For warmup we did a brief improve game where one person was handed an object and then they had to think of a new use for it before handing it on. We started with a wine glass that was later an Oscar, a telescope, a fez, a microphone, and later a bazooka.

The brainstorming went like this:
I primed 'em best I could and then set em to doing 3 minutes of brainstorming.
At the end of those I made 'em brainstorm bad ideas for 2 minutes (which is my favorite part).
I was tempted to made the guys go back to brainstorming but our I.T. professional suggested we take a break, drink a few, and then get back to it. In the spirt of "Yes, and..." I complied.
In the mean-time my dad got excited and decided to do some reinactments of certain bug lists.
Half an hour later I picked a role for one brainstormer to rolestormer and then they picked a role for the next brainstormer to rolestorm.

We got roles like this for 2.5 minutes:
Water-conservation professional
Day care provider

Then we had 1 minute to brainstorm one good idea.

Sending each participant into the adjacent room to pick four or five of their favorite ideas, we came up with the following 20:
Bottomless sink (dishes fall to basement storage)
Faucet dispensing juice and booze
Bleach dishwashing fluid
Tornado sink
Shark teeth lined gloves
Hydrocholic acid blender
blood/grime erasing spray
rubber mat with studs to support plates in sink
selfwashing plates with grime resistant surfaces
disposal that sends used water to toilet tank
soap that contains pheromones (convinces partner to do dishes)
glove sponge
disposal with exposed/safe parts
sink that looks like truck crashed into wall (car cupboard)
sink that senses when dishes are clean with laser
cieling sink (sink that rises out of view to soak/contain dishes)
A ferret on Angel Dust/PCP to be let loose in sink with suds to wash plates
hardening dishsoap that cracks off plates when it is clean
sink without water or faucet
Direct quote: "sink with timed C4 explosives for extra incentive, because %$@# you, the dishes are done soaking, now you are just being lazy you worthless @#$#$"
sink in a ball pen
So, that was that. Then we drank more and had like a 3 course meal. Nice.
Total ideas: 56
Individuals: 5
Minutes: 8.5

I was kindof surprised to see my favorite ideas not chosen, being a dish-scrubbing slot adjactent to disposal drain, not to mention a dishwashing screen with gloves like certain lab chambers.

Sink/Basin Ethnography


Theme: Sink/drain
Ethnographic tools used: experience, observation, storyboard, interview

In my research I hounded an average-income-middle-America for data on all their sink experiences. I opted for a group so that when I came up with a prompt I would get answer-chains, where one of the participants might add-on or interject where the first responder left off, hence keeping the amount of time I was talking to a minimum.
Bathroom sink:
Kitchen sink:

The Bowmans (name changed to protect the guilty) are a two parent household with 3 kids now in their mid 20's. I caught up with them during family night at the home of their eldest daughter.
After documenting their kitchen and bathroom sink and then helping to prepare dinner and wash dishes I sat them all down and had them share any sink related anecdotes. These included grossest, most creative, most memerable, etc. types of sink experiences, which involved some neat little moments:
The kids recalled the three of them washing dishes one sibling drying, one washing, one putting away dishes. This was remembered with resentment toward one sibling who opted out due to "dry skin."
The mother recalled cleaning vomit out of the train using her finger tips to reach down the drain for chunks.
Another sibling recalled a party where a guest removed and then subsequently replaced dishes to vomit down the sink. The guests efforts were not discovered for a number of days...
Keeping in the theme of repugnance, one interviewee recalled living in a house where the housewarming party involved the septic backing up through the sink basin and shower novel expelling... welll, you know.. poop stuff.

The patriach of the bowmans recalled a friend's mother Rose, who was forever knitting in anticipation of XMAS when she gave out hundreds of knitted dish scrubbers, which purportedly where much more effective than conventional sponge scrubbers. Images are pending, but will be posted when furnished by the interviewee.

Most felt dishwashing via dishwasher was inefficient. They also shared disdain for piles of unwashed dishes and those they felt responsible. All favored washing with most efficient practices, i.e. cold water, The sponge was also identified as a source of contamination.
Eliminate dish piles/ platter build up
sink basin+dishwasher+disposal are redundant

Bug list:
Sandisk thumbdrives
Separate checks @ restaurants.
waiters/servers redundant? See Travaille in Robinsdale
Metal flag fasteners that clink in the wind against metal pole
Tape/saran wrap that clings to itself

Idea wallet:
100 yen houses
Theo Johnson
Blank Check projects
life hacker
Capsule hotels
chonku chonku
queue professionals

Mind Map and Silly Products


10silly products



First off, just let me say that I am Junior CLA Art Undergrad and this assignment was insane. I can bullshit a five page essay/paper with the rest of 'em, but this was easily the most work I have done in recent memory. With that out of the way, I give you:
Ketchup Shortbread Cookie w/ Bacon

2 cups (260 grams) all-purpose flour

1/8 teaspoon (2 grams) salt

1 cup (2 sticks) (226 grams) salted butter, room temperature

1/4 cup (60 grams) powdered (confectioners or icing) sugar

1/4 cup Heinz 57 Simply Heinz ketchup

1 teaspoon (4 grams) pure vanilla extract


That was my variation on this guy:

Not much of a baker so I thought I might try to hack this with a simple recipe with an unusual ingredient. Came up with beef jerky as one idea and Heinz Ketchup as another.
Lots of people have been using bacon in everything these days, and it's been getting a free pass to move between sweet and savory, bacon jalapeno cookies, bacon and sea salt chocolate, etc.

Also I don't have a lot of time this weekend so I thought I would save some time prototyping with pre-made cookie dough.
I got sugar cookie dough and 3 kinds of Jack link's jerky.
In the interest of failing fast and failing often I did seven sugar cookies each with a variation in terms of amount of jerky/other fixings/presentation.

First batch turned out real messy.
Gross dough, too airy/crispy and somehow still greasy.

Led me to realise that when I bought sugar cookie dough, what I'd had mind was a shortbread, something a little more vague and less resistant to manipulation.

Borrowed a recipe for standad shortbread cookies from joyofbaking.com, thought I'd sub out some ingredients for more kethup-y flavor. Took out the sugar and replaced it with ketchup and a 1/2 ketchup 1/2 sugar mix.

Did a couple rounds of those guys. They were alright. Came out sorta like sugar cookies.

Added bacon.



I give 'em 2.5 stars. Not bad for a new baker...

More later on making good bacon once I figure out image tags on here.


Mandatory image!

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