Matthew Smith - Cyberliteracy chapter 1

For my first blog I was to read the first chapter of Cyberliteracy by Laura Gurak. I enjoyed this reading because it had good factual information as well as things related to my life with technology. Many things in the first chapter caught me as very interesting, and others made me laugh at what people feel about cyber literacy. The idea that I found most interesting had to do with the idea of editing and reviewing a piece of work. The book explained how back before computers were in their prime, people would be more comfortable editing a hard copy of the document they were working on. The explained how people would be lost in their work on a computer, not knowing where they are unless they had a copy printed out. This idea segued into saying that in cyberspace there is a lack of editing in papers and emails. I can relate to this because I realized that I am guilty of not proof reading or editing my emails or messages. This is an interesting point to me because this can eventually create a bad habit of sloppy grammar, hindering my writing skills. Ultimately I enjoyed the reading, and feel that I will enjoy the chapters to come.

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