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Diplomats meet about Syria

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This story was about diplomats from Iran and Turkey meeting to discuss a peace plan for Syria titled "Syria Crisis tops diplomatic agency at Turkey-Iran meeting, Arab League Summit, Clinton talks" in the Washington Post. The story was done by two reporters named Alice Fordham and Karen DeYoung.
Their first source was the Iranian state media which provided most of the basic info for the story. They sourced their next piece of information about the peace plan to the Iranian foreign minister who spoke to the journalists in Tehran.
They quoted Syran media quoting President al-Assad, followed by a scholarly source: a professor of international relations at Lehigh University. They used him again for a quote then back and forth between previous sources and wireless reports.
All in all, they got most of their sources from other media or sources not directly related to the people the story was about. They started out with facts about main story: the diplomatic meeting. But then they veered off to side stories about Turkey and Iran and humanitarian aid, clearly trying to provide context to their story.

Woman plunges off cliff

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This was a simple story in which I think that Mara Gottfried did a good job. The story is about a 20 year old woman who was walking on a path at Cherokee park and fell 30 feet down to a ledge where she was rescued by the St. Paul firemen. Apparently, she went and talked to the St. Paul fire department, in particular the fire marshal Steve Zaccard. He told her what happened and her entire story is based off of quotes from him. She doesn't have any other sources but for a story this small, I don't think that more sources would have been necessary. She had this story posted by later that night.

The woman was also fine but being treated for some serious fractures at Regions Hospital.

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