Tensions escalate with North Korea

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The Associated Press covered a story for The Guardian about the escalating tensions with North Korea over their "satellite launch."
The AP, among other news agencies, were allowed into the coastal Sohae satellite station to see the preparations for the launch and the satellite that is to be launched. They also received a tour of the command center.
As far as actual quotes, the press only recorded one source, Jang Myong Jin, who is the general manager of the launch facility.
The press mostly had to go off of what they could see with their eyes, which was merely the launch pad and command center, as well as hearsay from "experts" and "engineers."
The story was written as one that assumed the reader already had an idea of what they were talking about. They also threw in a few side notes near the bottom of the article that were a little confusing to a new reader like myself.
They mention the "now suspended" aid that Washington promised to North Korea in view of the tensions as well as a mission to find U.S. military personnel that have been there from the Korean War.
Lastly, they mention that the launch is supposed to take place three years after North Korea's last attempt to launch a satellite, which was condemned by the UN Council. However, they do not say the date or time of that event or give any other further sources.
The conclusion, in my opinion, is ambiguous.

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