July 6, 2005

Reflection on... Constructivism: Implications for the design and delivery of instruction

This article, dealing with teaching in a way that makes students in control of their learning and makes them participate in the learning at hand, really makes a lot of sense. As I look back over my own years of getting educated, the classes I hated the most were the ones that made me do busy work so they could get material to grade me on and so they made sure to get through all of the information they needed to. None of the information seemed to have any relevance to my life or the real-world. Being able to teach in this different way really gets me excited. Thinking of a teacher as a coach seems very valid to me. Having students see connections and notice the social contexts is very worthwhile. Methods like problem-based learning, collaborative groups, discovery learning and reciprocal teaching will help teaching every year be different and will also reach out to each student more. The information and points-of-view the students are already bringing to class no longer are seen as all wrong or not developed enough, but rather valid until later deemed otherwise. I love how this type of learning encourages different types of assessment too, but am still a little confused at how you can test what the students have deemed important, and still make sure to completely cover the content and standards that you need to (unless these are redone too).

Posted by smock003 at July 6, 2005 3:39 PM