July 7, 2005

Reflection on… A Nine-Step Program

Right before I took time to write a reaction on this article, I took some time looking at the Solution Site (http://www.thesolutionsite.com). I am still in ah of how many great “integrated, cross-disciplinary technology units” I now have on hand. All of these units look awesome and I am very excited to try many of them. I think the most important part of the Nine-Step Program that helped create such great units was actually giving teachers time to collaborate. Teachers always seem to be very limited in their time, which makes teaching, planning and trying new things very stressful. Some more good ideas that this program had were connecting what they did to the standards and showing that these units help to raise standardized test scores. The government seems to think that these are the only things that really matter anymore, which makes student’s motivation and interest in school go down. These lessons will bring that up. Ultimately for me, the best thing that this program did was allow the lessons to be accessible to all teachers everywhere. There is so much time and effort that is put into many lessons that are used in only one class, this seems like such a waste. That is why I am so glad that more than a few classes get to benefit from all of this hard work.

Posted by smock003 at July 7, 2005 3:24 PM