July 7, 2005

Reflection onů Conditions for Classroom Technology Innovations

This was an interesting article because it brought the whole idea of integrating technology into a classroom full circle. A group of teachers tried to incorporate substantial projects that were centered on technology in their teaching. What this article found out was that, on average, certain factors either helped or hindered the probability of their project coming out successful. It was really nice to find out that taking small gradual steps with technology is better than trying huge innovative projects. I also thought it was interesting that this article noted the difference between access and easy access to technology. Most schools seem to say that teachers have access to technology, but most have to sign-up for a lab or sign out computers. Making it hard to teachers to get a hold of technology is never a good idea, especially when using technology in the classroom is so vital in this day in age.

Posted by smock003 at July 7, 2005 3:26 PM