July 12, 2005

Criteria: Technology Integration

Today we looked at our comments from yesturday about what makes a computer software very good and useful. We came up with many criterions as a class including things like: ease of use, increases student motivation, enhances the curriculum, positively assists student learning, extends to the real world, is age appropriate, etc. In addition to this we also looked at what some experts thought technology integration meant. Trying to combine all of these things in my mind seems overwhelming, but very helpful. What the experts added to what I thought technology integration was, was priceless. It is so good to be able to look at a lesson with software and see if it is amplifying the results or even changing the results for the better. It is also great to classify different types of software so we as teachers know what parts we need to strive for more (ex. mindtools and constructing student understanding). All lessons with technology can be classified, now we know what are good qualities and what we should aim for.

Posted by smock003 at July 12, 2005 12:11 PM