July 14, 2005

Digital Divide/ 21st Century Skills

Today was a very useful class because it allowed me a chance to try and connect some of the different topics of our reading. We first started looking at the digital divide by focusing on topics like poverty, race, gender, academic ability, location, special needs, literacy, and training. By reviewing these and other topics, I feel that the things most of our schools have to focus on are giving our students access to technology and creating quality things to do with the technology. Getting computers with Internet access and quality software has to be done. Ways to do this in our schools include checking out computers, having high speeed wireless Internet city-wide, and having before and after school programs that can transport kids to and from school at different times. Teachers also have to focus on what we do with the technology. We have to use them as tools to increase students' use of higher order thinking. This topic ties directly into the ISTE website and the 21st century article. In this use, I feel that the ISTE articles are much more useful than the 21st century article. They both show a need to teach students 21st century tools while in a quality context, however the 21st article is very broad, while the ISTE website allows us a chance to see how different types of technology can be categorized as different types of tools in the different contexts used. I feel that the 21st century skills article does have a place in our education in that it is a nice reminder of some of the things we are trying to do, but the ISTE website is a more practical resource for evaluating and seeing what we still have to do or use in increasing higher order thinking with technology.

Posted by smock003 at July 14, 2005 12:10 PM