July 15, 2005

Assistive Technology

Today we looked at an overview of assistive technology and also some cool tools that some of my classmates knew about. Both of these activities were extremely beneficial. The videos that we watched on the internet were very amazing and interesting. I want to show other people these videos and share with them this valuable information. I have a cousin with CP who has a very cool piece of technology to help him communicate, but today's class makes me want to invest in even more technology that can help him to do other things that many didn't even imagine he could do. I know that he is just going into high school, and therefore had to leave the team that was working with him for so long in elementary and middle school. I heard about all of his farewells, and from what I can tell the team gets very close due to the connection they have for so long. Including students with special needs in the classroom is necessary and priceless for our school districts. While trying to analyze how well other websites do for visually impaired individuals, I looked at the school district's website that I just interviewed with and was amazed at how it was not user friendly for everyone. School websites really should be! The cool tools that were presented were very useable and make me want to invest in even more technology. I am excited to use most of the tools that my classmates presented.

Posted by smock003 at July 15, 2005 12:19 PM