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Analysis 1 - Leads

I chose the salmonella article I used from the Star Tribune as my lead analysis example.

Most of the standard lead elements are present. The lead establishes the "who" (Minnesotan), "what" (death), "where" (Brainerd), and partially "why" (salmonella). What is missing is the "when". Detailed elements in the lead include the exact location of the death and the deceased's affiliation with the state. The background of the salmonella case is essentially missing in the lead, probably due to the fact that this is an ongoing development and the Star Tribune probably assumes people have some knowledge of the outbreak. This probably explains why the article seems to be only elaborating on a story that the paper has been covering for at least several days. Knowledge of the event is inferred, but not enough to warrant completely removing a detail like "nationwide salmonella outbreak". Apart from some generalizations the major lead elements are still present.