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Salmonella claims 3rd Minnesotan

An elderly Brainerd resident died Jan. 4 due to salmonella, the third Minnesotan to do so since the outbreak began, reports the Star Tribune.

The family of 87-year-old Doris Flatgard is now suing the Peanut Corporation of America, the company that produces the tainted peanut butter, for wrongful death.

Fred Pritzker, the Flatgard family attorney is currently involved in two salmonella related lawsuits, the other of which is in regards to another Minnesota woman who was the victim of the outbreak. In that case Pritzker is suing a Georgia peanut butter plant and an Ohio distributor. (Star Tribune)

According to Newsday, officials at the Georgia processing plant were aware that bacteria was present in their products as far back as 2007, but shipped them anyways.

Director of FDA's Center for Food Safety and Applied Nutrition Stephen Sundlof said to Newsday that the contamination at the plant was "technically a violation of the law."

Fox 9 News reports that 480 cases have been reported in 40 states, and the disease has claimed a total of seven lives. They also report that all three of the victims were having other health issues at the time of their deaths.