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Analysis 2 - Attribution

The article I chose for this analysis is a Reuters story about the guilty pleads from four men accused of racially motivated violence.

The story contains 3, 4 or 5 sources depending on whether or not court documents and court papers are regarded as the same thing and if the two court spokespeople are the same (the article does not make either clear).

The U.S. attorney and a court spokesman were named, the others were merely court records.

The attributions are distributed among seven paragraphs with only one of the seven not including an attribution. Four attributions appear at the end of a statement. These are the most clear and effective given they provide the attribution after a break in the important information.

It is also important to note that records were used for attribution, for if they weren't the reader would probably wonder how such detailed information about the crimes was known to the reporter.

The U.S. attorney attribution occurs in the middle of a quote. This type of attribution is standard among a split quote so it too is quite clear and effective in explaining who exactly is saying what.

The attributions in this story seem to follow the industry standard and represent clear, concise and effective examples of attribution.