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Ex-Viking Eller begins sentence

Former Minnesota Viking Carl Eller left the Hennepin Country District Courthouse today to serve his 60 day sentence in a workhouse, reported the Star Tribune.

The Pioneer Press said the order from the judge came after Eller asked for 24 hours to get his affairs in order, a request the judge denied to the 67-year-old former pro-football player.

Eller was accompanied to court by his mother Ernestine. "Don't do this. I need him to go home with me. No, no, no," she said, according to the Star Tribune.

Eller was arrested due to his involvement in the assaulting of two police officers who attempted to pull Eller over for speeding and driving through a stop sign. "I think the actions of the court represent the severity of the crime," said Officer Gil Antaya, speaking to the Star Tribune.

He was originally facing four charges, one of which was a felony, but after a deal with prosecutors two of the charges, including the felony, were dropped.

Eller was also ordered to pay $1,500 for each charge, bringing the total to $3,000. (Pioneer Press)